Horodyski's White Barn Farm

100% Organic, 100% Grassfed



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Organic Husbandry

Our young calves exploring their surroundings

Our cattle are raised the way nature intended. They eat only certified organic grass or hay, and of course water. They are never given steroids, hormones, antibiotics, or anything else that would jeopardize their Certified Organic status. All of the cattle that we sell as finished beef are born and raised on our farm.


Calves are raised with their mother's milk, sunshine, grass and water.

Calves are weaned when they are old enough to gain all of the nutrients needed from grass and water. The cattle that we finish for harvest are raised on the farm until they get to the proper weight and body composition that will ensure a lean, tender product.


Sustainability is very important to us. We match the amount of cattle that we raise to the carrying capacity of our farm. We don't stress our farm by raising too many cattle on it, and we don't purchase cattle just to finish them on our farm. Our farm raises and finishes cattle the right way: on the farm in which they were born!

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