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Our Bulk Frozen Beef Process

For those customers who are interested in buying in bulk (quarters, wholes, and halves), we wanted to make a page that highlights that process:

All customers interested in this process should first send us a message or call us expressing interest in purchasing their bulk quantity. 

During that initial contact we will discuss when the beef is available as well as any other questions the customer might have. We primarily use two processors, but are not contracted to them. If the customer has a preference we will schedule the animal to that preference as long as the other customers assigned to that animal agree with the initial customer preference. We will not send an animal for processing unless at least half the animal is spoken for. 

The next step is for the customer to pay there deposit on the Grassfed Organic Beef Store page. This deposit is their guarantee for the animal, and will allow us to schedule processing. 

On the animals scheduled date we will ship the animal to the appropriate processor. The animal will be harvested and a hanging weight will be recorded at the processor. The hanging weight is the weight that is used for all other pricing moving forward. It is off of the hanging weight that the butcher determines their charges, and that we determine our final charges to the customer. 

Our bulk beef process is fully custom: the butcher will cut the meat any way that you would like. 

Once the animal hanging weight is determined, we will contact you again with your total price. Our pricing includes all pricing and transportation. There are never any hidden fees. 

The animal will then go through an aging process for approximately two weeks which conditions and softens the meat. This length can and will vary depending on the animal itself, and the butcher's schedule. 

It is during the aging period that we recommend the customer contact the butcher with their cutting instructions. The cutting instructions are the instructions used by the butcher to cut your beef exactly as desired. If the customer doesn't feel comfortable talking to the butcher, we can do that for them. 

Once the animal is cut up as desired, the butcher will place the cuts of beef into the freezer to be frozen. Once frozen, the butcher will contact the customer and the farm to let us know it is complete. We offer free local delivery on all bulk purchases, and for non-local we can also deliver for a nominal fee dependent on distance. If the customer prefers they can pick it up themselves from the butcher. If you are picking up beef, make sure you bring large enough coolers.


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